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Meet VersaBank, Canada’s fintech engine.

In the early 1990s, when the branchless bank was still a dream for North American financial service providers, Pacific & Western built one. Canada’s first digital only bank was banking reimagined by engineers, unimpeded by legacy infrastructure, or legacy thinking.

VersaBank is a Schedule I chartered bank with a difference. Our success is based on our initial vision for a new kind of financial institution: a “branchless” commercial bank that makes full use of innovative technologies.  By investing in highly skilled, experienced people and in advanced computing technologies rather than in bricks and mortar, we have significantly grown our assets and continue to achieve record efficiencies.

We provide two primary services – deposits and financing. The bank is organized around these two distinct operating divisions.

We have partnered with existing nationwide brokerage  firms to raise the bank’s deposits. Today, we enjoy relationships with almost all of the large Canadian bank-owned brokerages as well as over 100 small to mid-size financial advisory firms across the country.Our head office is located in London, Ontario. Deposit services operate from our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, corporate office. Financing services operate from various lending offices located across Canada in Waterloo, London, Saskatoon and Vancouver.